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The creation of truly global brands. Without fuss, and with great vision and originality. Time and time again.

Scripture UnionScripture Union

A new series of cover designs aimed at the "Twilight saga" teen generation.

Tatty TeddyMonopoly City

A new expansion of this highly successful plush and gifting brand.

CluedoGame of Life

Breathe new life into the biggest murder mystery of them all.

Monopoly CityGame of Life

Build a city! Stunning 3D cityscape and dynamic branding logo bring this new version to life..

ScalextricMonopoly City

The classic racing game, speedily reinvented for a younger generation.

Game of Life
Clue Junior

Rise to the challenges of life. A characterful reinvention of everything from clothing, to posters and shelf strips.

Clue JuniorClue Junior

Can you find the lost teddy bears?
A new mystery to be solved using character development and a brand refresh.


Monopoly MillionaireMonopoly City

The challenge was to reinvigorate the biggest global games brand of them all.

RoloboxGame of Life

It's just some wheels which you stick onto a cardboard box....

Bootham SchoolBootham School

We're not just about toys and games. See how we handle the serious stuff...

Trivial PursuitMonopoly City

A reinvention of a global classic, for all those in the Pursuit of knowledge.

Cool Cardz
Clue Junior

Get creative! Developing an award-winning arts and crafts brand.

Rexel Shredders
Clue Junior

OK. It's neither a toy nor a game! But it IS an object lesson in no-nonsense rebranding.

Connect 4Game of Life

A purely character driven remake of an old classic game, brought supremely up-to-date.